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Glycerine is a clear and odourless liquid extracted from plant oils using a specific process called hydrolysis. Glycerine is widely used in cosmetics and personal care products because of its humectants property which attracts moisture to the skin. Glycerine has two practical applications it firstly leaves the skin hydrated and secondly is more naturally absorbed by the skin. Glycerine is used in soaps, cosmetics and a array of beauty products.


Tallow is fat rendered primarily from cattle, but can also come from sheep and goats. The proportion of fat in the dressed weight varies from 8 to 25% in cattle. Tallow is widely used in various products from plastics, lotions, soaps and detergents. It plays an important role within the global fatty acid market.


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel source. Unlike fossil fuels, biodiesel is produced from vegetable oilseed crops grown around the globe, which replenishes the market annually with the renewable feedstock. Biodiesel is rapidly biodegradable and non-toxic. It is far less damaging to the environment than petroleum.